08/08/09 My life in numbers. DAYTUM vs your.flowingdata

My life in numbers. DAYTUM vs your.flowingdata 08/08/09

Some weeks ago I talked to a friend about how nice it would be if you could gather data about your daily life to produce in the end something like the Feltron Report. We thought about building a tool like that, but as often the need wasn’t that big that we really did it.

But there are two tools which might help out. On the one hand it’s DAYTUM, initiated by Nicholas Feltron who did the above mentioned report. It’s very pretty and generates some nice looking generic graphs. They’re obviously not as pretty as in the handmade report, but still beautiful.

The other one is your.flowingdata. The graphs are not as pretty, but it feels simpler, more straight forward and much more open. And it has options to control whether data should be private or public (DAYTUM has this as well, but only in the paid mode).

Both services come with a very handy twitter integration, which allows to feed your database with simple direct messages via twitter. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any good options to integrate your stats in a nice way on your own site.

I think for now my choice is your.flowingdata as they seem to be quite open and interested in getting an API.

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